Enhancing the bond between you and your dog


Dog Training Services Wellington, Kapiti

When teaching your dog something new, be patient - remember small steps are powerful.

Affordable Dog Training Services

It’s your choice. We can work together to help your dog to be successful with one-on-one dog training at a location of your choice, in-home dog training working with you and/or your family members in your own home, or you can join me on a dog training workshop or clinic.

One on One Dog Training

With one-on-one dog training I spend time with you and your dog. I take the role of coach, teaching you dog training techniques and tools to resolve the dog behaviour problems at hand. I also provide one on one puppy training.

Some examples of issues we can work on are calming an anxious dog, dog training for aggressive dogs, separation anxiety, training an older dog and understanding dog behaviour.


  • $115 first consultation (90 mins)
  • $95 subsequent consultations (60 mins)

Dog Training Workshops & Clinics

Join me on a range of dog training workshops and clinics to learn a range of dog training techniques including aggressive dog behaviour training, resolving anxious dog behaviour, Force Free dog training, Tellington Touch dog training methods, puppy training, training an older dog and understanding dog behaviour.

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“Thanks for all the help with Button and Charlotte. I have seen both grow in leaps and bounds, something that was very evident in our walk this morning. Charlotte's raised confidence and capability in managing and working with Button has allowed a real passion for dog training to blossom and I can see your influence there. As such, Button is doing well in showing Charlotte attention and listening to her when we see other dogs. Button is acting in ways I only could wish for, so thank you.” - Simon