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Dog Training Services Wellington, Kapiti

When teaching your dog something new, be patient - remember small steps are powerful.

Affordable Dog Training Services

It’s your choice. I can offer you a range of training options and learning opportunities which are outlined below.

One-on-One Dog Training

With one-on-one dog training I spend time with you and your dog. I take the role of coach, teaching and giving you the tools and techniques to help your dog be the dog you want.


  • $115 first consultation (90 mins)
  • $95 subsequent consultations (60 mins)

Day Training

In day training, I come to your house 3x a week for a set period of weeks (depending on the issue) to train your dog. At the end of each week, I make an appointment with you to discuss what we have been working on, the results, and to transfer and teach you the concepts and necessary skills to maintain the behavior going forward.

Package A: I Wish My Dog Wouldn't Do That! (4 Weeks)

This training package focuses on teaching your dog the basics, good doggy manners around the house, walking nicely on lead, good recall, house training and maybe some of those nuisance behaviors like jumping up, chewing, barking, digging etc if they are of specific concern to you.

Price: $1520

Package B: Customised Package Dealing with a Specific Concern (6 Weeks)

This package focuses on working with your dog on a specific behavioral issue e.g. dog to dog reactivity, dog to people reactivity, separation stress/anxiety, fear related issues etc.

Price: $2280

Relax & Calm Sessions

Sometimes we just have to get a dog to a beginning point. Some dogs are so stressed that they find it very hard to focus on what is going on around them. Certainly a dog in a state of stress will find it very difficult to learn and/or to retain things. Using Tellington Touch techniques I can facilitate getting your dog to a point where he can learn to self calm and relax.

Price: $55 (45 minute session)

Dog Training Workshops & Clinics

In 2020 I am looking at running a series of workshops and seminars covering a range of dog related topics. Watch this space!

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“Sunrise is a 3 year old Rough Collie with extreme anxiety that has recently been rehomed to me. Sunrise has a major fear of people, especially males. She bonded quite quickly with myself and my 6 year old daughter but was incredibly uncomfortable around my 10 year old son. She would growl when he moved or walked around and would run up behind him to nip at him. I took some wraps home from our TTouch workshop and straight away tried half a wrap on Sunrise. She instantly melted! She calmed right down, and when I walked away she went and sat next to my son and enjoyed some pats from him. I'm quite blown away at the instant effect it had on her, and will continue to utilise the wrapping when working with anxious dogs.” - Rose