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Introduction to Tellington Ttouch Method (Tauranga)

One Day Workshop for Dogs - 12 October 2019 - Tauranga

One Day: Tellington Ttouch Method Workshop

Tellington Ttouch is a forward thinking approach to training and rehabilitation. Developed over thirty-five years ago by internationally recognized animal expert Linda Tellington Jones, the foundation of the method is a specific form of bodywork known as Ttouch that works to calm and relax an animal. TTouch recognizes that physical and emotional balance are inextricably linked and so it is possible to influence emotional responses by relieving physical stress. In addition to specific touch work, the Ttouch method uses other tools such as body wraps and leading exercises to increase confidence, calmness, self-awareness, and emotional and physical balance. 

In this one-day workshop I will provide an overview of the Ttouch methodology. Principally we will cover:

  •      Understanding tension patterns and stress
  •      An introduction to touch body work 
  •      Working with wraps
  •      Lead techniques & ground work

You will also get opportunities to get some real hands on experience working with each other and your dogs. It will be an informative, fun and interactive experience for all.