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Dog Training

Dog Training from Square Peg, Wellington, Kapiti, Manawatu

Leash techniques are an integral part of the ttouch methodology. The dog always has a choice.

Dog Training

It’s hard to be a dog in today’s human world. When things aren’t going well it causes dog anxiety and stress for both of you.

Whether it’s taking your dog to the vet, stress and anxiety in dogs, being comfortable at home alone, dog training for aggressive dogs, or other dog behavioural problems  - I can help.

I take an holistic approach to dog training, while incorporating the latest in scientific understanding of dog behaviour and dog training.

I am a rewards based trainer in that my focus is on positive reinforcement dog training to facilitate learning. My mantra is 'teach your dog what he needs to know, not punish him for what he doesn't'. For things that concern your dog the focus is on calming an anxious dog; having him feel calm and relaxed - in a state where he can learn and then to change his emotional response towards that which is of concern or causing issue.

I am also your coach, to teach you skills, to build your confidence and comfort and enable you to be the best you can be for your dog.

Tellington Touch Dog Training

The Tellington Touch method is a forward thinking approach to dog training and dog rehabilitation.

Developed over thirty-five years ago by Linda Tellington Jones, the foundation of the method is a specific form of bodywork called Ttouch.

When dogs are stressed, like humans they hold tension in their body which impacts on their physical wellbeing and behavior.

In addition to specific touch work, other tools such as body wraps, leading and groundwork exercises are incorporated to increase confidence, calmness, awareness, emotional and physical balance. Ttouch recognizes that physical, emotional and mental balance are inextricably linked and so it is possible to influence emotional responses and behavior by relieving physical stress.

The benefits of ttouch are threefold. Its ethos is one of respect – there is always a choice. It enables learning and focus and treats each animal as the unique animal it is.

Fear Free Dog Training

The Fear Free dog training approach is one developed by Dr. Marty Becker that aims to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in pets.

As a vet Dr. Becker was concerned about the number of people choosing not to take their animals to the vet as a result of the stress and anxiety it caused in both pets and their owners. He subsequently developed an educational package and certification process for all professionals involved in pet care from the vet clinic, hospital vet staff to training professionals to make the experience stress free.

Although targeted at the vet visit, the dog training methodology is just as appropriate for anywhere a dog may experience fear, anxiety or stress e.g. going to the groomers, travelling in the car, to day care or the kennels.

The Fear Free dog training approach aims to turn a negative into a positive.


“Thanks for all the help with Button and Charlotte. I have seen both grow in leaps and bounds, something that was very evident in our walk this morning. Charlotte's raised confidence and capability in managing and working with Button has allowed a real passion for dog training to blossom and I can see your influence there. As such, Button is doing well in showing Charlotte attention and listening to her when we see other dogs. Button is acting in ways I only could wish for, so thank you.” - Simon