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About Me

Square Peg Dog Training

I work with you to provide insight and give you the tools to take the stress away.

About Me

Debbie Noon - Square Peg Dog TrainingIn June 2016 I became a Certified Tellington Touch Practitioner. As with many of us who become canine practitioners it was as a result of wanting to help my own dog and so the journey began….and continues today. One never stops learning. 

In doing this work I have come to realize that as sentient creatures, animals just like us, are subject to the same stresses of daily life as we are. More so I think for those living in today’s urban environment. For some animals it’s like being a ‘square peg’ trying to fit into a round hole, hence the name of my business. Even though many animals communicate their stress (fear, anxiety, loneliness) it is not often understood and so remains unresolved or manifests itself in unwanted behaviours.

My aim is not only to help you to resolve your pets issues but also to provide insight and understanding into why they are doing what they are doing:

  • so that you don’t have to walk your dog at midnight to avoid other dogs or people…
  • so you can come home without fear that your house will be destroyed and...
  • you don't live in fear and intrepidation taking your dog to the vet
  • that you can walk your dog down the street without being dragged along…

My approach is a holistic one while incorporating the latest in scientific understanding of dog behaviour and training. I use only positive humane training methods and follow the principles of influence rather than control; teaching rather than punishing; and stress free rather than stressful. 

Completed Qualifications & Courses:

  • Certified Tellington Touch Practitioner 
  • Certified Fear Free Professional
  • Advanced Award in Canine Behaviour & Training (Sarah Whitehead, UK)
  • Diploma Canine Fitness (CASI, Canada)
  • Living & Learning with Animals (Susan Friedman, USA)
  • Associate Life Coach (ANZCAL, NZ)
  • Full Member APDTNZ & APDT Australia (Association of Pet Dog Trainers NZ & Australia)
  • Member ATA (Animal Training Academy)
  • National Certificate in Animal Care Lvl 2



“Sunrise is a 3 year old Rough Collie with extreme anxiety that has recently been rehomed to me. Sunrise has a major fear of people, especially males. She bonded quite quickly with myself and my 6 year old daughter but was incredibly uncomfortable around my 10 year old son. She would growl when he moved or walked around and would run up behind him to nip at him. I took some wraps home from our TTouch workshop and straight away tried half a wrap on Sunrise. She instantly melted! She calmed right down, and when I walked away she went and sat next to my son and enjoyed some pats from him. I'm quite blown away at the instant effect it had on her, and will continue to utilise the wrapping when working with anxious dogs.” - Rose