Enhancing the bond between you and your dog

Square Peg Dog Training

Let's face it - it is stressful when your dog..... 

  • Is not getting on with other members of the household
  • Is reactive towards animals or people 
  • Is worried and anxious when you are not around and/or destructive


Dog Training Methods


  • Jumps on every visitor and barks at everyone and/or everything
  • Drags you down the street
  • Cowers and turns for home when you reach the vet's door


Dog Training Services

Square Peg can help you change the situation

Dog Training - Wellington and Kapiti and lower North Island

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

It’s hard to be a dog in today's human world. When things aren’t going well it causes stress and anxiety in dogs and owners. Whether it's going to the vet, calming an anxious dog, being comfortable at home alone or around other dogs or people - as a certified professional dog trainer, I can help.

One on One Dog Training or Group Day Training

Affordable Dog Behaviour Training

It's your choice. I offer you a number of options from one-on-one coaching with you and your dog, to training packages where I do most of the training, focused sessions using Ttouch techniques to help your dog to calm and relax, workshops and clinics.

Why Choose Square Peg?

  • Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Professional (KPA-CTP)
  • Certified Tellington Touch practitioner and Fear Free professional
  • Takes a holistic approach while incorporating the latest in scientific understanding of dog behaviour and dog training
  • Dog training plans customised to the goals you have for your dog and yourself
  • Uses only positive dog training and humane training methods
  • Our principles: Teaching rather than punishing, stress free rather than stressful and influence rather than control

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Why I am a Rewards Based Trainer

Why I am a Rewards Based Trainer

When I say I work with dogs, people often say to me 'oh a dog whisperer - like that overseas guy on the telly?' Well....I say....I do things a little bit differently. I'm a rewards based trainer. Depending on who I'm talking to, there is usually an audible pause waiting for me to fill the gap and explain further. 

I am a rewards based trainer and that means my focus is on positive reinforcement to facilitate learning. What is positive reinforcement you say? Positive reinforcement by definition is 'the process of encouraging or establishing a pattern of behaviour by offering a reward when the ...

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Why Square Peg? Why it goes wrong for some dogs

Why Square Peg? Why it goes wrong for some dogs

Why Square Peg? Why it goes wrong for some dogs

Square Peg seemed to be a very apt name for my business. It came from the phrase ‘like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole’. According to the Brewer’s Dictionary of Phase & Fable the phrase means ’someone who is doing (or trying to do) a job for which they are not suited. And for many dogs today that is being a domestic pet.

Since the earliest domestication of dogs, some 10,000 years ago, man has been breeding dogs for behavior. In different breeds of dogs, through selective breeding, some traits have been amplified and some have been ...

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